We design and build a wide range and variety of cable or rope winches for onshore and offshore applications, from standard to highly customized winches
Cable storage &
handling solutions

We design and build a wide range 

of winches for onshore and offshore

applications. Cable or wire/rope winches, streamer winches, storage winches and auxiliary winches. 

From simple standard winches to highly customized winches.

We deliver equipment and services to all major seismic companies worldwide and have developed solutions in partnership that set standards with the marine seismic sector

We deliver equipment and services to all major seismic companies worldwide. We have developed solutions in partnership with our customers that now set standards
within the marine seismic sector.  

Marine seismic 
We have an alternative bearing and cooling system to avoid problems of high failure rates for hydraulic motors on streamer and wide tow winches
Hydraulic engineered

Many seismic streamer vessels
experience high failure rates for hydraulic motors on streamer and wide tow winches. We have an alternative bearing and cooling system to avoid the problems associated with these drive units.



For short time and project based needs, AHS offers rental cable handling equipment. We design and manufacture all our rental 
equipment ourselves, so we can make modifications and adaptations to fit your needs. 

We have wide experience with cable handling operations,
so please contact us for more detailed information and solutions. 

Here is some of our rental equipment:

3 T Cable Tensioner (wheels)            

4 T Cable Tensioner (wheels)            

5 T Cable Tensioner (belt)                

HPU Diesel                          

HPU Electric

Under Roller 10 T

Reel Carrier 10 T

Reel Carrier 70 T

Reel Carrier 4 x 5 T

AHS offers rental cable handling equipment such as cable tensioners and HPUs, which are designed and manufactured in-house, so we can make modifications and adaptations to fit customer needs


Almek Hydraulic Services is a Norwegian company, established in 1999. Since the start we have offered leading competence on hydraulic, electrical and mechanical systems. We supply quality equipment with main focus on cable handling to the maritime and seismic industry, cable manufacturers onshore and grid operators worldwide.


With our experience and commitment, we have become a problem solver and developer of highly specialized machines and solutions for a wide range of customers and applications. We deliver functional and cost efficient quality equipment and solutions.


AHS are offering turnkey solutions, engineering, testing and manufacturing services. We are a trusted company with many years of experience in design and production of specialized equipment for the offshore and onshore industry. The number of returning customers is our best proof of being a preferred partner.


We are located in new and effective facilities in Stokke / Sandefjord, just south of Oslo, Norway. 




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